Add Your Event To Our List

Would you like your event added to our ever growing list of upcoming Sim Racing events?

Adding an event to our list is FREE, and we will accept submissions from most sim racing platforms / console games. All we ask for is the following information to be provided in order for your submission to be accepted:

    1. You must provide clear information about your event, including how to participate if your event is open to new participants. This can include where to sign-up, event requirements etc.
    2. Please ensure that you select the correct timezone / adjust your times for UTC+0, which is the site default.
    3. If the ‘venue’ (Track) for your event is not listed, please select TBC from the list, then provide the actual track in the description. We will adjust manually for you.
    4. You must provide a logo for your series as a transparent PNG, with NO BACKGROUND. Seriously, we don’t have time to mess around on photoshop. Your logo must be larger than 500px x 500px in order to show correctly on the site, and e will not accept logos which infringe on the copyright / intellectual property of other racing series; so no fake F1, NASCAR / IndyCar etc style logos.
    5. If your event has a broadcast link, please include it in the description. We will embed this on your event page once accepted.
    6. You must provide some form of website to allow viewers to find more information. This can be as simple as a league page on a platform, or even a Discord Server link. No link, no acceptance.
    7. You may only submit events which you are responsible for. We don’t want to get into trouble for promoting events without permission. Not all publicity is good publicity.

If you have multiple events which you wish to add, you can either use the re-occuring events feature (If your events are the same), or contact us via our standard web form, and we will provide you with a CSV sheet which you can complete. The latter is best if you are running a league, as this allows you to define circuits etc.