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It’s not a typo. We literally couldn’t come up with a podcast title that wouldn’t get us into trouble. We thought this way would be easier, but the banter is still the same.

Wil Vincent, Terry Radford (Mainly) weekly, talking about Sim Racing, Motorsport, Sport, Life.

Warning: Explicit Content. We both swear on occasion. Sorry.


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    PNNF: Ep 1- FOX, NASCAR, iRacing, Stuff

    The first episode of PNNF sees Wil and Terry talk about some things in varying levels of detail. These include how annoyed FOX must be by having to shift the dates of their first two NASCAR broadcasts for 2024, why the latest NASCAR machines are just a tad crap,  a little bit about our 10th birthday broadcast which turned into a massive wreck-fest, and a little bit about announcers in sports. Basically whatever came out of our mouths as and when we thought about it.February 29, 2024