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January 11, 20246 min read

It’s been a long, long time in the making, but the original iRacing Members Site is having (most of) the plug pulled on it on January 16th at 1PM UTC. The site had been the main way to access iRacing for most of it’s existence before the creation of the iRacing UI, and will likely leave various mixed messages and feelings for those who have used its features over the years.

The following is the post made by Alex Gustafson on the iRacing Forums circa 10th January 2024 @ 3:35AM UTC:

iRacing Legacy Membersite Sunset – Simulator Connection Severed:

  • The day has finally arrived where we will be taking a large step in officially sunsetting many features of the iRacing Legacy Membersite (members.iracing.com) – all actions that require or utilize a connection with the Simulator will be removed and/or disabled on the iRacing Legacy Membersite.
    • This change does not affect the iRacing application, the interface (UI) which you launch separately. This change only relates to the iRacing Legacy Membersite website, familiar to most of our very long-time customers.
  • This change was originally scheduled to coincide with the 2023 Season 2 Release, but we opted to wait until both iRacing was closer to feature complete and we had large portions of iRacing available via a web browser. You can find our initial announcement for this here: https://forums.iracing.com/discussion/32798/iracing-classic-membersite-sunset-simulator-connection-severed-postponed#latest
  • We have now met both of these goals. iRacing is a better experience than ever before and customers can access it via a web browser (https://members-ng.iracing.com), even without the application installed. This supports third party web translation services and a large variety of iRacing activities.
    • We encourage you to learn more about what iRacing Web offers by visiting the site directly (https://members-ng.iracing.com) and exploring, or by reading our initial announcement article here: https://www.iracing.com/user-guide-the-future-of-iracing-and-iracing-web/
  • The connection between the iRacing Legacy Membersite and the iRacing Simulator will be officially severed on January 16th, at 0800EST / 1300UTC.

What Functionality Will Be Removed?

  • All functionality that directly launches the iRacing Simulator application in any way will be removed from the members.iracing.com site. All pages that include the ability to change your Registration status or Join the Simulator in any format will be removed from the members.iracing.com site. The following options will be removed:
    • Test Panel
    • Race Now Panel
    • Race Guide and What’s Hot
    • Join and View Official Races
    • Watch / Ghost / Crew / Spot
    • Join, View, and Create Hosted Races and Tournaments
    • Join, View, and Create League and Team Sessions
    • Browse, Manage, and Admin Leagues and Teams
    • Time Trial
    • Browse or Launch Replays
    • Manage and View My Friends and Studied Drivers
    • Join a Friend
  • Remember, functions and actions that utilize Simulator connectivity remain fully featured and available in iRacing, the standalone application!

What Functionality Remains?

  • Some important functionality will remain available on the Legacy Membersite. These include the following:
    • Account Management
    • iRacing Store
    • Purchase and Redeem Gift Cards
    • Stats
      • While the current stats endpoints remain available, members scraping these are encouraged to move the activity to the /data API. More information can be found on the forums in this thread: https://forums.iracing.com/discussion/15068/general-availability-of-data-api/p1
    • Viewing Race Results (including Hosted Races)
    • Help
    • iRacing Schedule PDF
    • Forums (Old Forums Read-Only Access)


  • If you have your favorite Legacy Membersite pages already bookmarked with your web browser, you will be redirected to a single page that opens iRacing for you.

iRacing Tournament Functionality

  • With these changes, the ability to create Hosted Sessions using the Tournament functionality will be leaving iRacing. Users who wish to emulate a similar experience within the iRacing UI may do so with Heat Racing.

What About iRacing, the standalone application?

  • This change has no effect at all on iRacing – all functionality that currently exists remains intact. You can anticipate more and new functionality and features within iRacing in the future.

iRacing Multi-Language Support 

  • We highly recommend that non-English reading customers that rely on third party integrated webpage translation extensions shift their use to iRacing Web (https://members-ng.iracing.com), where those extensions will still function. Fully integrated full application translation options remain on our short-term radar for iRacing.


  • If you have questions about using the iRacing application, or about iRacing Web, please explore our Customer Service portal here: https://support.iracing.com/support/home. Customer Service is always ready to help you however they can.

This is unlikely to be a shock to 90% of users. The iRacing UI has been around for years now, and even for those on the go, the ng Members Site provides at least the same level of functionality as the old Members Site. The one feature that appears to be missing off of the ng Member Site’s stat pages are the ability to download stats as a csv, but this is likely to impact 0.01% of the subscription base.

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