INDYCAR Returns (Officially) To iRacing

January 9, 20245 min read

2023 was the first time since 2009 that there wasn’t an iRacing Indianapolis 500. One of the hallmarks of the iRacing Special Event Calendar was no more due to a licensing agreement between the series and Motorsport Games, which included the development of an INDYCAR game.

This however was put on hold in November 2023, asking many people to ask what would happen next? This author wrote an (apparently controversial) opinion piece on this and more asking where Motorsport Games would be heading in 2024, touching on a number of points, including the INDYCAR game and license. I theorised that their success would be based primarily on the success of Le Mans Ultimate, which could be used as a catalyst to further other projects, such as the INDYCAR title.

It seems however that like NASCAR, the INDYCAR licensing agreement has headed back to iRacing. Rather than try to paraphrase what was said, this is the email that landed in my inbox just after Noon ET today.

iRacing and INDYCAR are pleased to announce a multiyear licensing agreement – officially reuniting the two legendary brands.

The relationship, which dates back more than a dozen years, also includes the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – and the return of the hugely popular iRacing Indianapolis 500 – to the gaming format’s Special Events calendar. This annual event has historically drawn thousands of participants, who race in a virtual version of the world’s most iconic race, known for its 200 laps of pure speed at the “Racing Capital of the World.” The community event allows sim racers from around the world to get a taste of what it is like to race at the famous oval at the Brickyard.

The return of a license has been highly anticipated by iRacing members and INDYCAR SERIES fans alike.

“The INDYCAR SERIES and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are racing properties that need to be included in iRacing,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner. “There is no better way for fans to experience simracing than on iRacing and whether it’s the INDYCAR SERIES’ Indy 500, NASCAR’s Brickyard 400, or IMSA’s Battle on the Bricks, there is nothing like racing at Indianapolis. I am so pleased to be able to bring these events back to the iRacing community.”

In addition to the rebranding of INDYCAR SERIES events on iRacing, members will have access to series content for private events and leagues.

“We are very excited that our most avid gamers and fans will have full access to the INDYCAR SERIES through this licensing agreement with iRacing,” INDYCAR Senior Manager, Esports & Emerging Virtual Experiences Ben Hendricks said. “They are longtime partners, and we look forward to official INDYCAR SERIES racing on iRacing for many years to come.”

The new license agreement between iRacing and INDYCAR includes more provisions than previous iterations, allowing more flexibility to run events and series. Highlights include:

  • Return of the iRacing Indianapolis 500
  • INDYCAR SERIES branding of series on iRacing
  • Multiple leagues to run INDYCAR SERIES events on iRacing
  • License extension of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The licensing agreement goes into effect immediately and iRacing members will see the rebranding of series, cars, and events over the coming days. Details of the iRacing Indianapolis 500 will be available later this month.

Kevin Bobbitt – Director of Marketing, iRacing

For iRacing fans, this is of course incredible news, and it will mean that the 14th Edition of the iRacing Indianapolis 500 will be taking place at some point this year, most likely on Memorial Day Weekend allowing for the ‘Double Duty’ challenge to come back along with the most intensive qualifying week perhaps in all of sim racing. It also means that there’s the possibility of a number of INDYCAR leagues to be resurrected. The Lionheart IndyCar Series is the first that comes to this author’s mind, but there have been many over the years that the community have loved and most likely missed

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