Register for the 2024/S2 Precision Racing League

February 19, 20242 min read

2024/S2 signups for the Precision Racing League are LIVE!

If you’re an Oval fans: NASCAR Cup, Grand Nationals & Truck await you! And if road racing is your style, sign up for GT4, LMP3, LMP2, GTP, GT3, F4, or Super Formula!

Precision Racing League has been broadcasted on RaceSpot TV for a year now, and Season 2 of 2024 is no different. With 5 broadcasts most weeks, not only does this mean you’ll get to experience some great racing, but you’ll also get to see you name in lights on one of the world’s most well known Sim Racing broadcasters. Even better, with a dedicated Discord server, weekly photo galleries and video highlights alongside fun conversation, this could be the most fun you can have in league racing with your pants on*.

Exciting Updates for 2024/S2 Season:

  • Revised Pro/AM parameters for road series
  • Road drivers categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers based on iRating
  • Pro/AM split requirements updated for series with and without iRating cap
  • GT3 Fixed series now accommodating drivers up to 2999 iRating with potential Pro/AM split
  • Formula D series accepting drivers up to 2999 iRating for 2024/S2 season, free to participate!
  • Introducing the inaugural Super Formula Series on Thursdays at 9:20 PM, featuring sprint races lasting 40 minutes!

Secure your spot now before they’re gone in a flash!

Click here to sign up now! And Join their Discord here if you have any questions!

*Please remember to wear pants if sharing a webcam / streaming / doing video interviews. Thanks!

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