Williams Esports Leads Early at Daytona in the 2024 iRacing Daytona 24

January 20, 20244 min read

Williams Esports Playseat lead early on at the 2024 iRacing Daytona 24 Hour race, as once again over 15,000 sim racers take battle on the deceptively tough Daytona Road Course. 50 drivers took the green flag, and outside of early calamity, the race has been relatively clean to boot.

In GTP, it was right as the lights went green that we saw the biggest incident of the day, as 5 cars were involved in an incident before the field even went through Turn 1. 4 cars were stuck on pit road after this, spending over 7 minutes getting repairs.

11FYRA SimSport (Lasse Bak)Porsche 963 GTP
54TC CORSE E-SPORTS W (Hayata Asaga)Acura ARX-06
97Apex Racing Team (Daniel Sivi-Szabo)Acura ARX-06
9SCHERER eSPORT Blue (Luca Alpert)Porsche 963 GTP

In addition the #10 MAHLE RACING TEAM (Niklas Beu) spent over a minute on pit lane at the start of the race, and therefore are at the rear of the running GTPs.

The #6 Williams Esports Playseat machine being piloted by Atte Kauppinen holds the early advantage with an 8.1 second gap over VRS Coanda Esports’ #18 driven by Charlie Collins. Behind there’s a small pack of cars from P2 – P5, with Apex Racing Team (#98), Williams Esports Fanatec (#5) and DRAGO Racing GTP all looking for a podium position.

1Williams Esports Playseat (Atte Kauppinen) 7978Acura ARX-06
298 Apex Racing Team (Yohann Harth) 7911.091Porsche 963 GTP
3Williams Esports Fanatec (Josh Lad) 790.297Acura ARX-06
492 VRS Coanda (Charlie Collins) 790.037Porsche 963 GTP
569 DRAGO RACING GTP (Dominik Hofmann) 791.978Acura ARX-06


In LMP2, it is WSR Esports Buttkicker leading the way by 4.3 seconds over MAG Performance LMP2. The field were close through the first two rounds of pitstops, but are now just beginning to stretch out a bit. ALL cars in class are on the same lap as each other, which is doubly impressive as they have 17 cars in their field. This is the class requiring the most pitstops, and even though fuel and tyres can be taken at the same time, the strategy time strategy will be dictated by the number of driver changes.

116 Race Clutch White (Balazs Remenyik) 752 LapsDallara P217 LMP2
223 WSR Esports ButtKicker (Robin Glerum) 7516.887Dallara P217 LMP2
3120 MAG Performance LMP (Gabriele Mini) 754.134Dallara P217 LMP2
412 VRS Coanda (Tommy Østgaard) 752.626Dallara P217 LMP2
533 Simufy Esports LMP (Marc Perez) 751.857Dallara P217 LMP2


Even though there were 6 different cars to choose from in GTD, only two were chosen in the top split, with the Mercedes AMG and Ferrari 296 taking to track. Here, the Apex Racing Team have already gone to an alternate strategy with their two cars, as they learned early on that it’s almost impossible to go to the hour mark on fuel, especially during daylight. As a consequence they have a 15 second advantage to third place and Williams Esports BenQ, but this is one where mathematics and sticking to a plan will be critically important.

1199 Stormforce ART (Alex Dunne) 693 LapsMercedes-AMG GT3 2020
2198 Apex Racing Team (Luca Kita) 690.081Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
3001 DeltaSimTech by GnG (Sven Haase) 6913.664Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
4Williams Esports BenQ (Alessandro Bico) 690.526Ferrari 296 GT3
5Team Redline (Ole Steinbraten) 690.42Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020

Coverage continues all race long on RaceSpot TV and RaceSpot News, with full text updates here, and coverage on RaceSpot TV and iRacing’s YouTube channels. 

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