Holy Toledo, We Are 10 Years Old!

February 17, 20243 min read

10 years ago today, RaceSpot had it’s first broadcast. It wasn’t great.

  • We started 15 minutes late because of YouTube issues.
  • Within 10 minutes we had to setup a new screen as a Clippy powered PowerPoint had better FPS.
  • Both commentators microphones sounded like they were bought from the Wish.com that Wish.com uses to buy supplies from.

So much has changed over the past 10 years, it’s impossible to get into words. We’ve written previously about our story into Sim Racing broadcasts and our first year, and a promise to you is that we will be resuming that series over the next few weeks, as well as re-posting the initial parts here as well. If a picture speaks a thousand words, what does video and commentary equate to? Fun. We’re thinking simple here. Fun.

When we started we wanted to address what we felt was the common issues in Sim Racing broadcasting at the time. Too much unnecessary flash, and not enough focus on what really matters. Storytelling. We’ve messed up over the years in some spectacular fashion, and also somehow managed to pull the impossible out of our collective arses, but we wouldn’t be where we were if this stopped being fun. From meeting each other in person, to doing insanely long endurance racing shifts (Who can forget RaceSpot After Dark?), to providing A/V coverage of some of the biggest events in Sim Racing, our bingo card has been filled twice over, if not more.

Rather than go on for another 2,500 words that no one will read, on behalf of Hugo and Myself, we just want to say thank you. To every single commentator we’ve worked with, every producer dealing with ever increasingly perplexing issues and processes, every client who’s made us think and place their needs alongside our specialties, and of course everyone who’s reading this today. Love us or hate us, we need you all in order to carry on doing what we do, so thank you.

We left our birthday cake on the bus, and besides, it’s kinda hard to share that over the internet, so instead, a tidbit. A year before we started, Danica Patrick scored pole for the Daytona 500. THAT is how long we’ve been going!

Peace and Love, and again, thank you!

Wil Vincent – Editor In Chief: RaceSpot News

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Wil Vincent

I am the Editor in Chief of RaceSpot News, and one of the Co-Founders of RaceSpot TV & RaceSpot Live Events. I have been involved in Sim Racing Esports broadcasting since 2011 as a commentator, producer, project manager and journalist, covering some of the largest Sim Racing Esports events in the world.


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