LIVE: NGK & NTK Esports Cup R4

February 16, 20241 min read

Welcome to our live updates page for the 4th round of the NGK & NTK Esports Cup, taking place on the iRacing platform at the Hockenheimring, Germany. Don’t forget that you can check out live coverage of the event live on the RaceSpot TV Youtube. Want to follow your favourite team / driver? Live timing & scoring is available throughout the race at the following link:



Today’s page editor is Justin Prince. Please note that as much as we check and verify all content, there may be factors which make some results on this page out of date post-facto. Please ensure you visit RaceSpot’s social pages for the latest info after the race.


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    Wil Vincent

    I am the Editor in Chief of RaceSpot News, and one of the Co-Founders of RaceSpot TV & RaceSpot Live Events. I have been involved in Sim Racing Esports broadcasting since 2011 as a commentator, producer, project manager and journalist, covering some of the largest Sim Racing Esports events in the world.


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