Issues, Incidents compound Hours 4 – 6 of the 2024 iRacing Daytona 24 Hour.

January 20, 20245 min read

The last couple of hours have been all about keeping away from drama, which hasn’t been the case for a number of the leading teams. There’s been drama in both GTP and GTD where battles continue to be tight and often precarious. There’s still battles for the Top 3 in both of these classes, even though the battles in LMP2 have been more spread out.


Williams Esports continue to lead overall, as they have done for pretty much the entire race. The true battle however is behind them, especially for P2 – 6. A mixture of some almost incidents for the #5 Williams Esports Fanatec at the West Horseshoe, the #92 VRS Coanda Esports of Charlie Collins at Turn 6 with the GTD leader, and multiple incidents for the #69 DRAGO racing team has bunched the remainder of the Top 5 all together, whilst not really losing time to the overall leader which remains at about 25 seconds. 

Strategy remains mostly similar in this class, but the driver changes and number of stints in a row per driver will start to become more important as we are now into the night running of the event.

#NAMECARQual PositionH1 PositionH2 PositionH4 PositionH6 Position
Williams Esports Playseat  Acura ARX-0621111
20 BMW M Team Redline  BMW M Hybrid V896642
Williams Esports Fanatec  Acura ARX-0612333
69 DRAGO RACING GTP  Acura ARX-0675524
89 BMW M Team BS+COMPETITION  BMW M Hybrid V813101095
15 Race Clutch Red  Acura ARX-06111211106
92 VRS Coanda  Porsche 963 GTP43457
VRS Coanda  Porsche 963 GTP88778
98 Apex Racing Team  Porsche 963 GTP34269
21 Team Redline  BMW M Hybrid V861312810


WSR Esports Buttkicker continue to lead the way in the #23, but their teammate was involved in a tussle on the infield, thankfully remaining in the race. Behind, Calce Team have moved up to second place in class, on a similar strategy to MAG Performance who are down to third in class, and 6.6 seconds behind. P3 – 5 is tightening as VRS Coanda #12, SimRC #76 and Race Clutch White #16 are separated by just a few seconds.

#NAMECARQual PositionH1 PositionH2 PositionH4 PositionH6 Position
16 Race Clutch White  Dallara P217 LMP209111
23 WSR Esports ButtKicker  Dallara P217 LMP201432
18 Calce Team  Dallara P217 LMP2781063
120 MAG Performance LMP  Dallara P217 LMP222544
12 VRS Coanda  Dallara P217 LMP283675
003 Grid-and-Go.com eSports  Dallara P217 LMP2613256
76 SimRC  Dallara P217 LMP236887
24 Race Clutch Black  Dallara P217 LMP2917328
114 Team PGZ  Dallara P217 LMP24711109
119 Team PGZ  Dallara P217 LMP2514141310


If Apex Racing had any more bad luck in GTD, they may as well have no luck at all. Earlier their two cars came together whilst bump drafting at the front of the field, putting the #198 out of contention. The #199 then gets dumped into the wall as they were run into by Charlie Collins through the dogleg. This means that the #199 is now behind both Team Redline GTDs, who are bump drafting themselves the entire way around the racetrack. The #2 leads from the #4, the latter containing the 2 time Formula 1 ® World Champion in Max Verstappen.

#NAMECARQual PositionH1 PositionH2 PositionH4 PositionH6 Position
Team Redline  Mercedes-AMG GT3 202054621
Team Redline  Mercedes-AMG GT3 202096532
199 Stormforce ART  Mercedes-AMG GT3 202032113
Williams Esports BenQ  Ferrari 296 GT323444
001 DeltaSimTech by GnG  Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020105355
14 Simufy Esports GTD  Ferrari 296 GT369876
002 Virtualcoach.gg by GnG  Mercedes-AMG GT3 20201210987
44 Falken Simracing Team  Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020118768
198 Apex Racing Team  Mercedes-AMG GT3 202041299
Williams Esports Chillblast  Ferrari 296 GT3111111010

Coverage continues all race long on RaceSpot TV and RaceSpot News, with full text updates here, and coverage on RaceSpot TV and iRacing’s YouTube channels. 

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