All To Play For in GTP & LMP2 After 10 Hours, Redline Dominate in GTD.

January 20, 20245 min read

With 10 hours of the 2024 iRacing Daytona 24 Hour race complete, it’s all to play for in both GTP and LMP2. GTD however seems to be a Team Redline dominant run, but it’s not entirely over in terms of class winners and the podium. As the race passes midnight virtual time, here’s a run down of the current action and positioning on track.

GTP Update

Starting in GTP, Charlie Collins’ #92 VRS Coanda Porsche leads at the hour mark, however they are on an alternate strategy to the rest of the field. They have gained 5 seconds since the Williams Esports Playseat #6 made their last pitstop, marking the first real time in the race they haven’t led at the top of the hour. It’s close between the #6, the #8 VRS Coanda and #5 Williams Esports Fanatec machines, with less than 5 seconds separating each team, with less than 2 tenths of a second separating them lap on lap. Collins continues to set fastest laps in the race, so perhaps the alternate strategy and Coanda setup is starting to bear fruit. 

#NAMECARQual PositionH1 PositionH2 PositionH4 PositionH6 PositionH10 Poosition
92 VRS Coanda  Porsche 963 GTP434571
Williams Esports Playseat  Acura ARX-06211112
VRS Coanda  Porsche 963 GTP887783
Williams Esports Fanatec  Acura ARX-06123334
69 DRAGO RACING GTP  Acura ARX-06755245
98 Apex Racing Team  Porsche 963 GTP342696
21 Team Redline  BMW M Hybrid V8613128107
20 BMW M Team Redline  BMW M Hybrid V8966428
89 BMW M Team BS+COMPETITION  BMW M Hybrid V8131010959
15 Race Clutch Red  Acura ARX-0611121110610

LMP2 Update

In LMP2, it’s WSR Esports Buttkicker that continues to lead in the #23, by about 9 seconds over the #18 Calce Team car.  The #18 have moved themselves into a solid podium position as the track goes into nighttime mode, having been able to hold off charges from the #81 VRS Coanda and #120 MAG Performance machines. MAG Performance are the biggest loser in class after running 2nd place throughout much of the early running, and are now the slowest runner in the top 5. SimRC’s #76 runs in P5, however was involved in a scary moment earlier on in the running with Coanda.

#NAMECARQual PositionH1 PositionH2 PositionH4 PositionH6 PositionH10 Poosition
23 WSR Esports ButtKicker  Dallara P217 LMP2014321
18 Calce Team  Dallara P217 LMP27810632
12 VRS Coanda  Dallara P217 LMP2836753
120 MAG Performance LMP  Dallara P217 LMP2225444
76 SimRC  Dallara P217 LMP2368875
299 Apex Racing Team  Dallara P217 LMP2010129126
114 Team PGZ  Dallara P217 LMP247111097
123 WSR Esports ButtKicker  Dallara P217 LMP212111311118
119 Team PGZ  Dallara P217 LMP25141413109
003 Grid-and-Go.com eSports  Dallara P217 LMP261325610

GTD Update

In GTD, it’s currently Team Redline domination, with the #2 and #4 sharing the lead of the race with Josh Thompson currently leading the way. They now have a 55 second advantage over the Williams Esports BenQ car running in third, after earlier issues for the Stormforce ART #199 car forced them onto a slightly different strategy. Although the two Redline cars look secure out front, we’ve already seen class leaders disposed from the lead three times already, and the duo running so close on track may make it harder for others to put laps on them.  

#NAMECARQual PositionH1 PositionH2 PositionH4 PositionH6 PositionH10 Poosition
Team Redline  Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020546211
Team Redline  Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020965322
199 Stormforce ART  Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020321133
Williams Esports BenQ  Ferrari 296 GT3234444
001 DeltaSimTech by GnG  Mercedes-AMG GT3 20201053555
002 Virtualcoach.gg by GnG  Mercedes-AMG GT3 202012109876
14 Simufy Esports GTD  Ferrari 296 GT3698767
44 Falken Simracing Team  Mercedes-AMG GT3 20201187688
198 Apex Racing Team  Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020412999
Williams Esports Chillblast  Ferrari 296 GT311111101010

Coverage continues all race long on RaceSpot TV and RaceSpot News, with full text updates here, and coverage on RaceSpot TV and iRacing’s YouTube channels. 

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