Weekend Lowdown 9th – 12th Feb 2024

February 8, 20248 min read

Another week, another weekend full of action here on RaceSpot. This weekend we have a little bit of IMSA, a little bit of Porsche, some endurance and some NASCAR action to keep you going. It’s not like there’s anything else on this Sunday night for you to watch… Right? This is your Weekend Lowdown for February 9th – February 12th.

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Friday 9th February

The weekend kicks off in traditional fashion with Friday Night Primetime, as the IMSA iRacing Series rolls into Mugello Circuit. This track has been owned by Ferrari since 1998, and is one of two tracks owned by the Scuderia. Mass changes to the F1 World Championship in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandenic meant that it hosted a round of the championship in what was also Ferrari’s 1000th race. Anyone remember those beautiful liveries?

With 15 corners and a track length just shy of 3.5 miles, this  is a track that will test patience and resolve. The LOOOOOONNNNNNGGG straight can ease the burden of intra-class overtaking, but the sweeping corners that make up most of the lap? This is like boss mode after dealing with Road Atlanta.

Full text coverage is off for another week as the author’s been asked nicely to do lots of paperwork, but the broadcast as ever is on YouTube.

Saturday 10th February

It’s IVRA Time! Going to one of the lesser used tracks on the iRacing service, but one which this author has fond memories of from commentating on it over the years. And it’s not just because it’s the one time you can get away with saying ‘Bitch’ once a lap. In fact, there was once a time when CEO of RaceSpot TV Hugo Luis came out of his pit stall virtually inside Greger Huttu in an iRacing World Championship Grand Prix event.

This track is deceptively fast, and pretty narrow throughout, as it’s primary purpose has been a place for people with far too much money to go and have some fun with their exotic cars. The Old Oak Tree corner is no more, but the memory of it remains as one of the best overtaking opportunities, and a place where you’ll likely to see the most action in terms of car contact on track. If they make it through that, then it’s a drag race down Maddison Avenue; what more can you ask for?

IVRA are renowned for endorsing clean racing, and won’t take punterinos as acceptable racing action. Expect intense racing with four classes of car, and 700KM of action. Find out more about the series at the following link.

Sunday 11th February

It seems like every Sunday is a Porsche Sunday at the moment, and this Sunday is no different. This time it’s the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup GB, with Rounds 5 & 6 at Snetterton. This is a fast racetrack, and arguably one perfectly suited for the Porsche Carrera machines. This is especially so as the event is using the ‘200 layout’, which measures exactly 2 miles, featuring just 8 corners and only about 5 braking zones a lap.

As ever the racing is both live on RaceSpot’s YouTube and Porsche’s Twitch page. Last time it was Sebastian Job and Josh Thompson who scored victories; who out of the 26 car field will prevail this time around?

As always. Sunday night ends with the PRL NASCAR Series, as they head to Long Beach for a road race. Perhaps knowing that most people will be watching the Taylor Swift Bowl with halftime entertainment by Usher, this is a logical place to have such a difficult road course, but as ever the racing will be entertaining, and hey. We all have second screens these days right? Check out the broadcast when the football interrupts those amazing commercials!

Monday 12th February

I’ve been getting in trouble for not mentioning this series even though it’s not only on a Monday, but technically Tuesday when considering the UTC clock. Then I was reminded that a number of sports series seem to classify Monday as if it’s the same weekend, and they prevailed.

This week, the iRacing IndyCar Open Series heads to Nashville Superspeedway. This is a bit of a strange one as far as ovals go. It’s concrete, meaning it’s ultra-fast, but it’s only 1 and 1/3 miles in length, so smaller than say a Texas or Atlanta Motor Speedway. It did host IndyCar series races under the IRL side of the split until 2008, just before someone decided both that IZOD were a worthwhile sponsor for anything, and that they wanted more roadcourses than ovals in IndyCar. Let’s hope that one day we could have a back to back weekend with Oval and Street Course racing in the wider Nashville area.

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Until next time. Enjoy the racing!

Image H/T: https://rennlist.com/

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