RaceSpot Presents: The RS 230 @ Iowa (10th Birthday Broadcast)

January 31, 20245 min read

February 17th 2014 was the first ever RaceSpot TV Broadcast. To celebrate, we are re-running our first ever broadcasted race, a 230 lap IndyCar race at Iowa Speedway on February 17th 2024.

February 17th 2014 was the first ever RaceSpot TV Broadcast. RaceSpot had existed well in advance of this date, starting off as a potential Sim Racing magazine which ironically 10 years later we’re starting to achieve with the launch of RaceSpot News. Since then we’ve done pretty much everything possible at RaceSpot, as well as things we thought at various points were impossible. 

We’ve done over 2750 broadcasts over the past 10 years, and always like to treat each one as the most important as the best ever. Without the support of our community and corporate partners and sponsors over the years we would never be in the position where we are; essentially now being three companies with a state of the art studio in Cologne,  Germany, an unparalleled level of experience in running Sim Racing live events, and perhaps the best commentary / analyst / journalist teams in the business. To say we could have made it this far when clobbering together some ideas and contacts back at the end of 2013 would have seemed impossible, yet if you don’t dream, you can never achieve as some wise person may or not have ever said!

One thing that still irks us is the first broadcast itself. Like many sim racing broadcasts prior and since, our first broadcast didn’t go to plan. Due to YouTube’s wonderful tendency to just not switch from ‘Preview’ to ‘Start Broadcasting’ back in the day, we went on air without a pre-show, or being able to show qualifying. In fact, we started 10 laps into the race during a caution with most drivers in or out of the pits. To compound issues further, we ended up having to reset the broadcast as our framerate went down to something that even Microsoft Clippy could laugh at. Some footage of this broadcast still exists, which you can laugh at below:

With all the above in mind, we want to go back to where it all started and make things right. This involves going to one of our favourite communities in the IndyCar iRacing community who are buoyed up by the fact that iRacing have recently signed a new licensing agreement with iRacing. It also means going back to a track which has a reputation as one of the fastest short ovals around in Iowa Speedway. 

There’s no prizes, just the joy of winning a race on our tenth birthday, and marking an incredible milestone with us. The entire event will be broadcast on RaceSpot TV as usual, where we’ll intermerse our commentary with the odd tale or two from our incredibly rich history. 

If you’d like to participate, please complete the following form on our website. You will require a C Licence of 4.0 or above on Road in order to participate, but aside from this there are no restrictions. (We know some of the ‘Old Guard’ raced with an oval licence, however we are replicating the iRacing IndyCar Series licence restrictions). We will run multiple splits if needed, however will only be able to broadcast the Top Split. Please be aware of the schedule in terms of practise and qualifying sessions, as if you don’t qualify, you won’t be able to race! 

If you would like to sponsor the event, please email VT.topSecaRobfsctd@liW for more information. We offer broadcast sponsorship packages, as well as placement in news articles and live news updates pertaining to the race.


Event Schedule

Free Practice1PM UTC5 Hours
Qualifying6PM UTC10 Minutes
Warm Up6:40PM UTC20 Minutes
Race7PM UTC230 Laps

Event Settings

CarDallara IR-18 IndyCar*
WeatherFixed Weather for Qualifying (Manually Generated, NOT iRacing Defaults).
Dynamic Weather for Practice, Race (Automatically Generated by iRacing).
Fast RepairsNone
CautionsOn (Inc: Admin Cautions)
RestartsSingle File
License LimitC 4.0 And Above (Road)
iRating LimitNone
* Look, we know the first race was in the IR-05, but the IR-18 is just more fun to race with.

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I am the Editor in Chief of RaceSpot News, and one of the Co-Founders of RaceSpot TV & RaceSpot Live Events. I have been involved in Sim Racing Esports broadcasting since 2011 as a commentator, producer, project manager and journalist, covering some of the largest Sim Racing Esports events in the world.


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